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We are able to build the garden of your dreams, both in your home and in your professional space!

25 years experience

Planning - Design - Construction of a wonderful garden.
In a magical greek location, with incredible views and a pool that gives its own intense style, new ideas for the garden had to be implemented, highlighting the beauty of the location.

In this particular garden, the customer's desire to install a swimming pool was framed and integrated in the garden. Excavation was done to cover the height difference from the level of the pool and ornamental plants gave their own color and tone to the construction. 

On a steep and steep slope, we designed the garden with the perspective of functionality and highlighting the beauty of the space. Levels were formed in this direction, and in each we planted the corresponding plants. In addition to the green grass, we utilized the beautiful olives and planted Greek aromatic land plants. The wood from the train rails that we placed as stairs and as a border of the middle level add a special style.

We managed to give a different look and aesthetics to the uncovered space of a house in the city, with fresh and effective ideas. We formed flower beds, we built rock gardens, a surface pool was set up, we reconstructed the old pergola. A synthetic fence was also installed to reduce visibility from those around.

Another complete garden construction by our workshop. In our design, our initial goal was to surround the house with green grass and to highlight the view from the patio of the house. So after the proper preparation of the soil and we installed automatic watering for the whole garden. We planted perimeter plants for a natural fence and placed natural turf on the rest of the surface.

In this project we utilized a wild and inhospitable mountain hill with dry grass and shaped it into a three-level ornamental space. We gave the appropriate slopes and placed natural turf for immediate effect.

In this particular garden to deal with the problem of saltiness from the sea due to the short distance from the shore, we chose ready-made natural grass from a special variety, which is resistant to sea droplets and soil salinity. The soil was renewed with new and automatic watering was installed.

PROFESSIONAL SPACES: We design and select the plants we will plant, according to the surrounding space and the style of each store. Our goal is to create a pleasant and attractive environment for business customers.

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